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Schottky Bridge Diode SOD-523 RB751S-30

Schottky Bridge Diode SOD-523 RB751S-30

Schottky bridge Diode SOD-523 RB751S-30 Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) Brand Name: ANSC Model Number: RB751S-30 Type: Schottky Diode Package Type: SOD-523 Max. Forward Voltage: 3.0-3.4V Max. Reverse Voltage: 50-1000V Max. Forward Current: 15-20mA Max. Reverse Current: 10 UA Model: RB751S-30



Schottky bridge Diode SOD-523 Schottky bridge Diode SOD-523  

Schottky bridge Diode SOD-523 -1Schottky bridge Diode SOD-523 -2Schottky bridge Diode SOD-523 -4Schottky bridge Diode SOD-523 -6

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) 

Brand Name: ANSC 

Model Number: RB751S-30 

Type: Schottky Diode Package 

Type: SOD-523 Max. 

Forward Voltage: 3.0-3.4V Max. Reverse 

Voltage: 50-1000V Max. Forward 

Current: 15-20mA Max. Reverse 

Current: 10 UA 

Model: RB751S-30 

Current: 1mA~200mA 

PD(mW): 150 VR(V): 40 Vf(V): 0.37 

IF(mA): 1 IR(uA): 0.5

 Packaging: SOD-523 lo(mA): 30 

Keywords: Diodes 


Schottky bridge Diode SOD-523 RB751S-30


Low Forward Voltage The Diode named after German physicist Walter H. Schottky, also known as hot carrier diode,
Is a semiconductor diode formed by the junction of a semiconductor with a metal, instead of a semiconductor- semico


1 ) Low Forward Voltage

2 ) Low Reverse Current

3) Low Power Dissipation, High Efficiency

4 ) High Surge Current


Schottky barrier diode are widely applied in electronic circuits like switches, inverters, regulators and driers.

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