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20 PCB circuit board problem
Sep 24, 2016

In the circuit board in the screen printing process can be divided into 9 departments 56 variables, this requires that you have an accurate procedure or it will float to the surface following.
Screen no matter what, never able to pull the average, or often transitory burst.
Mesh and screen frame stuck solid, slow, or tear off.
110 mesh fall off easily on the screen, or automatically burst, burst or when drying off.
Template has lots of meshes or translucent mesh.
Image edge serrate on the template of the jagged and various types of
Template images in flushing, the Department does not fall down or wash off.
Not aligned with the original negative of the substrate, whether large or small, up, down, left, right, and only one face alignment.
Easily stick in the printing plate, or ambiguity of the image.
Lines on the template image, like earthworms bent do not align.
At the time of printing of single-layer Board, set low, photosensitive plastic sector shedding.
At the time of printing of multilayer, set low, the mesh gradually increased, glue, printing, paste Board, printing is not in place, the most serious is the screen burst.
Solder die off.
Solder the lid over development.
Solder die bubbles or wrinkling.
Solder surface spray, hair dark, matte.
Text ink fall off easily.
Text is ambiguous, there are printed.
Line the edges jagged printing.
Single multilayer printed up net phenomenon.

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