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Cast material PCBA control considerations
Sep 24, 2016

Cast material what is the most common cause of PCBA?
Issue 1, suction nozzle, plug, broken
2, identify systemic issues, there is debris interference identification, not clean, there may be damaged
3, location, material is not in the center of material, resulting in misalignment, suction is bad, does not match with the data corresponding to the parameter is identified as material the system abandoned
4, vacuum problem, insufficient air pressure, vacuum tube channel is not smooth, guide through the vacuum channel, or vacuum leaks
5, points, a problem with the program that you are editing, such as parameter settings is wrong, does not match the physical
6, material issue, incoming irregular or substandard products
7, FEEDER problem, spines with no card in the FEEDER gears, or misplaced, FEEDER
Control PCBA cast material
SMT plant material cannot be longer than 0.3%, this is included from purchase to delivery of all material
This ratio refers to the ordinary components, special types of components, including large IC,BGA/CSP loss rate to control the material loss, such as basic to be considered from two aspects: one. equipment wear and equipment loss that is due to equipment problems caused material damages, generally called PCBA cast material, this cannot be avoided, can only control its main approach is to control the running status
1. good maintenance system, including weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual maintenance. calls for better company daily cleaning
2. the establishment of machinery health management system: to record the daily operation of each device, and then make the statistics
Content are absorption rate of the equipment of the main record, placement rate in order to identify the long running state of equipment, production plans can be adjusted for different devices, second run can be found in bad condition of the equipment, repairs and maintenance in a timely manner, to prevent diseases of the patients died and the other is strengthening material management, and operation management
1. strengthening material management, regular periodic inventory in accordance with different types of products or materials, found there may be problems in a timely manner
2. strengthening the operational skills of the operator, its responsibility.
3. establish incentives. in accordance with the established line device status item on the line loss loss of rewards and penalties to increase the staff in the daily habit of saving material production
4. do shift work in each class, so out of expected and actual outputs consistent, many valuable components of a
In SMT production process, how to control production costs, how to increase productivity, business owners are concerned about things, and keep abreast of chip PCBA cast material has a lot of contacts, the following talk about the cast material PCBA. Cast refers to so-called PCBA SMT production of species, to the material without postage, but will? to? or elsewhere in the magazine, perform or fail to absorb the material more than a PCBA cast material. PCBA cast caused material loss, extended production time, drop against the production efficiency, increased production costs, in order to optimize productivity, reduce costs, cast expected rate of PCBA issues must be addressed.

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