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Gold-plated layer causes of quality problems
Sep 24, 2016

Gold color is normal
Color normal gold connectors gold plated layer Layer different colors or the same products in different parts of gold color differences, this problem occurs because:
Gold-plated material contamination
Dang joined plating liquid of chemical material with into of impurities over gilded liquid of stand degree Hou will soon effect gold layer of color and brightness. If is organic impurities effect will appeared gold layer sent dark and floating of phenomenon, Brian j. Hall slot try tablets check sent dark and floating location not fixed. If metal impurities interference is will caused current density effective range variable narrow, Brian j. Hall slot test displayed is try tablets current density low-end not bright or high-end plating not bright low-end plating not Shang. reflect to plating pieces Shang is coating sent red even black, its hole within of color changes more obviously.
Gold plated current density is too large
Calculation errors due to the total area of tank parts whose value is greater than the actual surface area of gold too much current, or vibration amplitude is too small when the gold-plated PCB model, in whole or in part in the slot rough Crystal gold plated coatings, Visual gold-red.
Aging gold plating bath
Use gold plating bath for a long time the bath excessive accumulation of impurities will result in payment color not working properly.

Holes on the surface of gold
Connector pins jacks or thickness of gold plating surface after the operation is finished reaches or exceeds the specified thickness value, its wire hole or Jack holes in the coating is thin and even gold.
Gold plating on each other when plugged
To guarantee received plug-in of plug hole in plug hole in plug pulled using Shi has must elastic, in products PCB design Shi most type of plug hole are has is in mouth Department PCB design a split slot. in PCB plating process in the plating pieces constantly turned part plug hole on in opening at each other plug in with led on plug parts power line each other screen our caused hole within PCB plating difficult.
When gold plating tail
Some types of connector pins on the PCB design, the needle bar hole size is slightly smaller than the outside diameter of the wire diameter, central pin in PCB plating process will form the tail caused the wire holes into plated gold. these two phenomena in vibration when gold is relatively easy.
Blind bore concentrations greater than throwing power PCB plating process
Due to in plug hole of split slot bottom from bottom hole also has a distance, this paragraph distance objective Shang formed has a blind hole. also in plug needle and plug hole of welding line hole in also has such a blind hole, it is provides wire welding Shi of oriented role. Dang these hole of Aperture smaller and blind hole concentration over aperture Shi plating liquid hard flow into hole within, flow into hole within of plating liquid and hard outflow, so hole within of gold layer quality hard guarantee.
Gold-plated anode area is too small
Dang received plug-in volume smaller Shi relative for single slot plating pieces of total surface area on larger, such in plating small pinhole pieces Shi if single slot plating pieces more. original of anode area on is enough. especially Dang Platinum titanium network using time had long Platinum loss too long, anode of effective area on will reduced, such on will effect gilded of deep plating capacity, plating pieces of hole within on will plating not into.

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