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Multi-layer PCB pressure test method for uniformity of temperature and pressure
Sep 24, 2016

Essential is the use of multilayer PCB processing press machine, hydraulic machine pressure uniformity and temperature uniformity on the pressing quality is quite large and regular inspection by way of testing its stability, in order to ensure product quality. There is relevant discussion on this issue in the Forum, now the discussion results were as follows:
1, pressure uniformity test method:
For pressure uniformity tests, there is a special induction papers, equivalent to the old high of copy paper, the effect is good, but the price is very expensive. Also available within the standard lead-lined up in press tests, measuring the lead at the end of the residual thickness can know of the uniformity of the compressor, and values can be quantified.
2, temperature uniformity test method:
Thermocouple thermometers, making several thermocouple wire, and then according to the platform's location, placement of nine or more points, pressurized and records temperature data for each location, and statistics into chart form, make it easy to find that the temperature uniformity of pressure-sensitive platform. Through multiple test at the same time, changes in temperature reproducibility conditions, so as to systematically assess the performance of hydraulic machine.

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