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PCB washing and drying considerations
Sep 24, 2016

In order to make mass production engineers will also need to keep in mind when designing a PCB circuit board cleaning process, layout, design elements to consider when weighing ways of welding and cleaning. High density surface mount Assembly, designers should provide clean room. Here are some design options worthy of consideration:
1. the components of the best direction
2. the Jet component below the minimum obstacle
3. high energy injector cleaning chemicals used
4. wash (liquid particles less than the space between the component and the lamellar) with a fine spray of
5. "shadows" to eliminate, namely, higher components placed in a location farthest from the spray nozzles, the smallest element last
6. element placed: passive chip components (or cylindrical through-hole type) should be made in the direction of the long axis perpendicular to the spray direction. Double row and Foreword foot integrated circuit (SOIC) component is the long edge of the spray line placement.

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