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PCBA throw material reasons
Sep 24, 2016

PCBA main reason and countermeasure of cast materials are:
Reason 1: nozzle problems nozzle deformation, jams, damage caused by insufficient air pressure, leakage, material can't afford it, material is not correct, recognition through countermeasures such as: clean replacement nozzle
Reason 2: identify systems problems, visual impairments, Visual or laser lens is not clean, clutter interference identification and identify wrong choice of light source intensity and gray enough, also has the potential to identify system's response: Clean wipe system surfaces, stain clean and free of debris, and adjust the light intensity, replace the recognition system part
Reason 3: location, material is not in the center position, feeding height not correct (usually touch parts under 0.05MM) caused displacement, feeding is not straight, offset, identification does not match with the data corresponding to the parameter and was abandoned by clearing system as invalid responses: adjust the feeding position
Reason 4: vacuum problem, insufficient air pressure, vacuum tube channel is not smooth, different plug the vacuum channel, or vacuum leaks caused by insufficient air pressure, and material is not or taken from later dropped on the way to post responses: adjust air pressure to the device requires air pressure value (such as 0.5~~0.6MpaYAMAHA Mounter), clean the pressure pipe, repairing leaks gas
Reason 5: procedural issues, edit program parameters setup is wrong, with incoming physical dimensions, parameters such as brightness caused by inconsistent identification measures dropped pass: modified element parameters, search component now parameter setting
Reason 6: incoming questions, incoming irregular, oxidation and other substandard products for PIN measures: IQC testing, contact with suppliers
Reason 7: feeder problem feeder deformation feeders feed poor (the feeder gear is damaged, spines with no card in the feeder gears, objects below the feeder spring is aging or poor electrical), resulting in poor feeding or not PCBA cast material, and feeders
Countermeasures: feeder adjustment, cleaning the feeder platform, replace the bad parts

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