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OLED Display More And More Thin Trend
Jun 08, 2017

Laptop is a favorite mobile office tool, since the birth of the product type has been toward the light, high-performance direction, the notebook screen is more and more clear, from 1080P, 2K to 4K, continue to stimulate people's retina. But obviously, if you use the notebook in a completely dark room, you will feel very dazzling, and the sun is difficult to see the screen.

No matter how high-end notebook computers, the screen aspects of the bottleneck is difficult to avoid, that is, LCD and backlight system. Obviously, the LCD needs to backlight to work, and the backlight tube there is uneven lighting, short life problems, from the technical form far behind the self-luminous OLED Display.

OLED Display in the field of mobile phones, television has been a considerable success, of course, due to higher costs, OLED Display TV, although with the most outstanding display, but not rapidly popular. Relatively speaking, the laptop screen panel size is moderate, easier to use OLED Display, bring high contrast, high dynamic picture effect. To some extent, OLED Display is more meaningful than 4K resolution.

Still need some time to develop

At present, the market has four OLED Display notebook, respectively, alien 13, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga, HP Specter x360 13 and Samsung Galaxy TabPro S. Of course, from the price point of view these products are not very close to the people, such as Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga price of 1650 US dollars (about 10,800 yuan).

Of course, the cost of any technology is constantly reduced. Digital t Trends that 4K notebook costs continue to be reduced is an example, in 2016 there will be more OLED Display notebook market, and 2017, OLED Display screen is no longer a high-end notebook symbol, more in the high-end products, Especially those products that highlight the positioning of audio and video.

LCD (traditional LCD) used in the backlight light source for the white or blue LED, so that light through the light guide, booster, astigmatism, polarizer, liquid crystal layer, filter color conversion to red, green and blue three colors to achieve color effects The

OLED Display panel using organic light-emitting diode as a self-luminous light source, the light-emitting layer under the action of appropriate voltage, according to different recipes were directly generated red, green and blue three-color light source, LCD less than a substrate and backlight group. So OLED Display more thin. for example! The latest LG ultra-high-definition TV monitor, excluding the base, the thickness of 2.57 mm, while the ultra-high-definition LCD, the thickness of 50 mm. Thin features can greatly meet the future of mobile and wearing equipment more and more thin trend.

OLED Display display contrast can also be infinite, color reproduction really no blooming, light is easier to see.

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