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Chip To Decrypt The Current Location And Status
Dec 29, 2016

"After developed or obtained commercial secrets such as reverse engineering, is not identified as the relevant provisions of the law against unfair competition rules invade Trade Secrets Act. "This is China's Supreme People's Court for PCB copy Board, chip decryption industry justify the interpretation set out by regulations. Never admit, beginning from chip to decrypt, disputes continue to exist, as some chip decryption against reasonable competition rules, it was neutral. After so many years, chip decryption industry current situation and how?
Chip decryption consciously copied to the transformation of innovation and development
Chip decryption, common known as SCM declassified or IC decryption, patented product because of its special secrets, place chips in electronic products, will be put into early on is encrypted. If unable to unlock password obstacle, direct application programmer is unable to successfully read out the program material, due to a number of research requests, needs to read the chip program, it needs to chip decryption technology.
Modern science and technology, and Moore's law from time to time, and chip competition more fierce, chip decryption technology been challenge is growing. Chip decryption at the beginning of the rise, mainly through technical means for technical materials for learning or recover a lost materials, mainly dominated by copying and simulation. But as chip technology leaps forward in recent years and new elements of progressively important chip decryption evolved, secondary research, development and innovation to innovation development direction, and began designing the hardware and software of various types of electronic products development, introducing advanced foreign technology, promoting research and development plays an important role.
Chip decryption from being suspicious to be sure China turn
Because chip decryption at the beginning of the rise, many companies for short-term profitability and reverse technology center of the chip program to clone the shanzhai products of inferior quality, disturbance of order in the market, product quality varies greatly, many research and development firms and consumers a headache. Thus, one chip decryption, most people frowned scorn, because it is a sign of fortress, simulation.
Due to the integrated circuit, IC design of the gap with international advanced level, Chinese enterprises in many technology areas are controlled by others, as soon as possible in order to complete the localization of related technology, the country introduced a series of policies developed, but it turned out that, with the rapid development of technology, independent research and development alone is not enough. Research Unit also needs help chip decryption, PCB copy Board reverse techniques, such as the wrist of foreign advanced products to stop reverse analysis, learning, digestion, absorption, actively create their own people's advanced technologies and processes, innovative ideas to stop secondary development of separation itself, this kind of "innovation" can shorten the development cycle and reduce research and development costs. After years of theory, chip decryption, PCB copy board industry localization of related technology has played an invaluable role, is gradually being bear, recognized. Innovation is the soul of the enterprise, as long as the pursuit of innovation competence has from time to time to break.

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