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Differences Between PCB And PCBA
Dec 28, 2016

PCBA=Printed Cirruit Board +Assembly
That is after PCB Board SMT on, then DIP the plug-in process as a whole, referred to PCBA
PCB is the circuit board. PCB memory refers to the RAM chips on the circuit board. Usually said with a few layers PCB manufacture, that has several layers of circuit board! PCB (Printed Circuit Borad) Translation as "printed circuit boards)
Usually refers to the circuit board itself does not contain the other parts, PCBA one more "a" refers to the word "Assembly" integral equipment, typically used in electronic components plug-in or 貼 chip on the circuit board (PCB), or electronic parts on the PCB team completed installation of finished or semi-finished products
PCBA is the abbreviation of English Printed Circuit Board +Assembly, that is to say after PCB Board SMT on, then after the DIP plug-ins throughout the process, referred to as PCBA is PCBA explained above, so you can't buy PCBA, can only say buy PCBA after the end of the resulting product, called circuit board. PCB is the circuit board must be of the material, the printed circuit board.

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