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Electronic Components Isolation, Regulation, Polarity Protection
Aug 09, 2017

Electronic Components Resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, transistors, etc. are commonly used in electronic components. Here are listed in the electronics industry commonly used in the top ten electronic components, and related basic concepts and knowledge, and everyone together to review it again.

A: resistance

As the electronics industry workers, the resistance is no one I do not know no one knows. Its importance, no doubt. People say "resistance is the most used component in all electronic circuits."

Resistance, because the material on the current hinder the role, so called the role of the resistance material. Resistance will lead to changes in the flow of electrons, the smaller the resistance, the greater the electronic flow, and vice versa. There is no resistance or resistance is very small material called electric conductor, referred to as conductor. Can not form the current transmission of material called electrical insulator, referred to as insulator.

In physics, resistance is used to represent the magnitude of the conductor's resistance to current. The greater the resistance of the conductor,Electronic Components the greater the resistance of the conductor to the current. Different conductors, resistors are generally different, the resistance is a characteristic of the conductor itself. The resistive element is a consumable element that exhibits a hindrance to the current.

The magnitude of the resistance of the resistive element is generally temperature dependent and the physical quantity that measures the magnitude of the resistance by the temperature is the temperature coefficient, which is defined as the percentage change in the resistance value for every 1 ° C rise in temperature.

Resistance in the circuit with "R" plus the number that, such as: R1 said the number 1 of the resistance. Resistance in the circuit of the main role for the shunt, current limiting, partial pressure, bias and so on.

Capacitors in the circuit generally use "C" plus digital (such as C13 said the number 13 of the capacitor). Capacitance is composed of two pieces of metal film close to the middle of the insulating material separated by the composition of the components. The characteristics of the capacitor are mainly DC-AC. Capacitive capacity is the size that can store the size of the energy, the capacitance of the AC signal is called the capacitive reactance, which is the frequency of AC signals and capacitance. Capacitance capacitance, ceramic capacitors, chip capacitors, monolithic capacitors, tantalum capacitors and polyester capacitors, etc., are the main types of capacitors used in telephones, such as electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors, chip capacitors, monolithic capacitors, tantalum capacitors, and polyester capacitors. The

The main characteristic of the diode is one-way conductivity, that is, under the action of the forward voltage, the on-resistance is very small; and in the reverse voltage under the conduction resistance is great or infinite. Because the diode has the above characteristics,Electronic Components cordless telephone often used it in rectification, isolation, regulation, polarity protection, coding control, FM modulation and squelch and other circuits. The crystal diode used in the telephone can be divided into rectifier diodes (such as 1N4004), isolation diodes (such as 1N4148), Schottky diodes (such as BAT85), light-emitting diodes, Zener diodes and so on.

Components are the basis of the machine, it may be due to the inherent defects in the manufacturing process or improper control of the manufacturing process, in use,Electronic Components the formation of time or stress-related failure. In order to ensure the reliability of the entire batch of components to meet the requirements of the machine must be under the conditions of the initial failure of the components may be removed.

The process of failure rate of components can be described by a failure curve similar to that of "bathtub curve". The early failure rate decreases rapidly with time, and the failure rate in the service life (or accidental failure period) change. The process of screening is to make the components into the failure rate of the basic maintenance of the life of the constant period, while in this period to remove the failure of the components.

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