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LCD Display Enhance The Dynamic Display Of The Display
Jun 30, 2017

What are the main factors you are considering buying a LCD Display? In fact, the primary consideration should be the panel used by the display, because the panel directly affects the viewing effect of the screen, and the LCD panel accounted for more than half of the cost of the machine is the main factor affecting the cost of LCD Display. Today to introduce the current market mainstream applications IPS panel, MVA panel and TN panel difference.

And other types of screen compared to IPS panel is more "hard", gently draw the hand is not prone to water-like deformation, so there are hard screen called. IPS panel has the advantage of large viewing angle, fast response, high color reproduction, the panel technology because of its innovative level of conversion molecules arranged, different from the vertical arrangement of other liquid crystal molecules, which has a more robust and stable liquid crystal structure, Enhance the dynamic display of the display, watching sports events, action films and other fast-moving programs can get a better picture quality.

MVA panel is now high-end LCD applications more panel type, are wide viewing angle panel. MVA it is the use of protrusions to make the liquid crystal is not the traditional stand-alone, but bias to a certain angle of static; when the application of voltage to liquid crystal molecules to change the level so that the backlight through the more rapid, so that can significantly shorten the display time , But also because the protrusions change the LCD within 20ms. Molecular orientation, so that the angle of view is more broad. In the perspective of the increase of up to 160 degrees or more.

Own summary of the driver board several common troubleshooting, as follows:

Phenomenon: the power board output voltage is normal, but press the switch did not respond:

From the first easy to start the order of inspection

1, the visual board with any abnormal components, power through the touchpad everywhere, to see whether the temperature anomalies, and sometimes deal with the chip is very high temperature, touched found

2, and then I used to check the driver board on the various power supply.

Since the power supply board output is usually only 12v and 5v,LCD Display so the drive board has several DC / DC regulators to switch the voltage required to drive the board.

The appearance of the regulator looks at a glance

Generally have 5v, 3.3v, 2.5v, 1.8v, etc., to measure the number of regulator chip input and output voltage, this machine if the power supply problem caused by the failure then quickly find the point of failure.

3, if the voltage regulator are normal, then continue to check, or the first simple to,

Power supply are normal, then the keypad on the various buttons should have a voltage, and then use a multimeter to measure, when press the switch,LCD Display the voltage on the button has not been pulled low 0v, if not, then the key is broken, Will be able to repair the fault.

4, if there is switching voltage switching, then the switch button is also excluded, continue to check, power supply, then check the chip work need to clock.

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