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LCD Display The Display Function Displays The Best Image
Jul 19, 2017

As the liquid crystal display display principle and CRT monitor is completely different, it belongs to a direct pixel one by one corresponding display. The LCD Display operating at the best resolution converts the analog display signal outputted by the video card into a display signal with the specific address information (the absolute address of the pixel on the screen), and then sends it into the liquid crystal panel to directly display the display signal Added to the corresponding pixel on the drive tube, some with the memory addressing and write similar. So the LCD Display screen resolution can not be arbitrarily set, and the traditional CRT monitor for the support of the resolution more flexible. LCD can only support the so-called "real resolution", and only in the real resolution, to show the best image. When the resolution is set to a resolution other than true resolution, the display effect is kept constant by enlarging or reducing the screen display range. Such as the LCD Display at low resolution 800 * 600, if the display is still using the pixel one by one corresponding to the display, then it can only shrink the center of the screen center of the 800 * 600 pixels to display, although The picture is still clear, but the display area is too small, not only feel uncomfortable and expensive for the LCD panel is also a great waste. In addition can also use interpolation and other methods, no matter what resolution still maintain full-screen display, but then the effect will be greatly reduced. In addition, the LCD refresh rate setting and picture quality also have a certain relationship. Friends can be based on their actual situation to set the appropriate refresh rate, under normal circumstances is set to 60Hz best.

LCD for the people now is a very familiar term. Computers, televisions, mobile phones, as well as the street a lot of large screen is the use of liquid crystal display to achieve the display function.

Liquid crystal display power consumption is small without radiation, for long-term use of computer workers, the LCD display is very suitable. Inadequate is that the life of the liquid crystal display is quite short, and now the vast majority of liquid crystal display on the market nominal life are 2 to 3 million hours. In other words, if the 24 hours a day boot, can only use 833 ~ 1250 days, only less than 3.5 years time, and in use, the brightness will gradually weaken. However, for IT products, can use 5 years has been good, but also the replacement.

The core part of the liquid crystal display is the liquid crystal layer and the upper and lower two polarizing plates and the backlight assembly. The main components of the backlight assembly are the backlight and the light guide plate. The life of the backlight is mainly the life of the backlight. After the period, the backlight tube will appear aging, brightness decreases, when the lamp brightness attenuation to 50% of the use of time is defined as lamp life.

LCD display brightness reduced to a certain time, there will be less obvious scan line, this is because the monitor automatically reduces the frequency of the lamp.

The first step: take out the liquid crystal cleaning fluid hold the top 2-3 times evenly sprayed on the LCD screen (specific dose, please refer to the LCD screen size).

Step 2: Take the product with the special ultra-fine machine Weibu, carefully wipe from the center of the screen. Until the glue sprayed on the LCD screen clean up so far.

The third step: you can wipe the LCD screen with the ultra-fine machine to clean the body cloth, so you can use waste, Oh J professional cleaning LCD screen what the very fine machine to clean the body or more luxury, so still It is recommended to use the rub is enough.

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