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LCD Display Through The Electrostatic Field Control, Thus Realizes The Control Of The Light
Oct 20, 2017

Each pixel of the LCD Display consists of the following parts: a liquid crystal molecule suspended between two transparent electrodes (indium tin oxide), and a polarizing filter with two polarized directions perpendicular to each other on the outer side. If there is no liquid crystal between the electrodes, the polarization direction of light through one of the polarized filters will be completely perpendicular to the second polarizer, thus being completely blocked. But if the light polarization direction of a polarizing filter is rotated by the liquid crystal, it can pass through another polarizing filter. The rotation of the liquid crystal to the polarization direction of the light can be controlled by electrostatic field, thus realizing the control of light.

The liquid crystal molecule is very susceptible to the influence of the external electric field to produce inductive charge. If a small amount of charge is added to the transparent electrode of each pixel or sub-pixel to produce electrostatic field, the molecule of liquid crystal will be induced by this electrostatic field to induce the inductive charge and produce electrostatic torque, and the original rotation arrangement of the liquid crystal molecule changes, so the rotation amplitude of the light is also changed. Change a certain angle to be able to pass the polarizing filter.

Before the charge is added to the transparent electrode, the arrangement of the liquid crystal molecule is determined by the arrangement of the electrode surface, and the chemical material surface of the electrode can be used as the crystal seed. In the most common tn liquid crystals, the liquid crystal is arranged vertically on top and bottom two electrodes. The liquid crystal molecule spirals, through which the light of a polarizing filter is rotated in the direction of polarization through the liquid chip, so that it can pass through another polarizer. In the process a small portion of the light is blocked by the polarizer, which looks gray from the outside. After the charge is added to the transparent electrode, the liquid crystal molecule will be almost completely aligned in the direction of the electric field, so the light is not rotated through the polarization direction of a polarization filter, so it is completely blocked. The pixel looks black at this point. By controlling the voltage, the degree of distortion of the liquid crystal molecule arrangement can be controlled to achieve different grayscale.

LCD black screen, splash screen, Huati reasons and solutions, we can also refer to:

First, the computer has just opened the display screen shaking very badly, sometimes even the icon and text can not see clearly, but after one or two minutes will return to normal, this phenomenon occurs in the humid weather, is the display inside the cause of damp, to completely solve the problem, can use food packaging of moisture-resistant sand string up, Then turn on the rear cover of the monitor, hang the damp-proof sand in the tail of the tube neck near the tube seat, or use the external device to blow the inside out.

Second, LCD black screen, only the sound of its painting, dark, to wait a few 10 minutes to appear in the picture, this is the image tube seat leakage caused by the need to replace the tube seat, the method is: Open the rear cover can see the image of a small circuit board, the tube is welded on the circuit board, carefully unplug this circuit board, and then weld down the tube seat, Go to the electronics store and buy back a same tube seat and weld the tube back to the circuit board. If the warranty period is still within, you can return to the manufacturer or merchant warranty.

Third, the LCD screen interference clutter or line, and the speaker also has a nasty noise, this phenomenon is mostly the power supply interference caused by poor, if lazy hands, you can replace a new power supply.

Four, LCD display flower screen, this problem is caused by the graphics card, if it is a new video card, it may be the quality of the card is not good or incompatible, and then there is the correct driver is not installed, if the old card and added video memory, then it is possible to add the new memory and the original memory model parameters.

Five, the display edge has two vertical black belt, this is due to video card memory is not enough, the earlier computer graphics card memory only 1 m, if the resolution is set too high, it will appear above the phenomenon, to solve this problem, you can add video memory card, in this type of video card will generally have to add memory for the socket.

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