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LCD Has A Very Sensitive Electro-optical Effect
Sep 29, 2017

Most people who watch TV will have a feeling, the TV screen is bigger, the more spectacular images. However, the TV screen is big, the TV picture tube also have to enlarge the size, increase power consumption, which makes the TV volume becomes very large, the quality doubled.

A 74 cm large-screen color TV that there are 40 to 50 kg, in order to move it look is tough enough. Therefore, with the original material to produce large-screen CRT TV is limited. TV technology researchers have designed a TV picture display panel made of liquid crystal material.

The main material for making this liquid crystal display is liquid crystal, the nature of liquid crystal between the liquid and the crystal, both the liquid flow, but also the crystal anisotropy. It is the strange shape of the LCD, it makes it very sensitive to the electro-optical effect. Under the action of the magnetic field and the electric field, the molecules of the liquid crystal are rearranged and become transparent by opacity. This specific performance just to meet the requirements of the production of television image display.

LCD TV is the main component of a LCD TV display board, and its manufacturing process is very simple: in the same size of two parallel optical glass between the pieces, filled with a layer of 10 to 15 microns in thickness of the liquid crystal material, it After the four sides sealed, a LCD TV screen is made, it is only the thickness of ordinary CRT TV 1/20 ~ 1/30, weight ratio CRT TV to reduce 80% to 90%. And how much the glass area, the TV screen is how much, really reach the standard of the right angle plane.

LCD display TV video signal, do not need a lot of power like a picture tube, as long as a piece of West Moss (CMOS) integrated circuit can be directly driven to achieve black and white or color display, so this monitor requires very little power, you can use Dry battery powered. General small screen LCD display TV, 4 AA batteries enough to watch 10 hours of television programs. In addition, because the liquid crystal display panel is flat, and the thickness is very thin, which makes the manufacture of large wall-mounted TV to become a reality.

Now, the international has been made from 6.5 cm to 76 cm color LCD TV. A 3.2 m x4.3 m resolution of up to 6 million pixels high-definition large-screen LCD color TV display panel has come out, in the outdoor strong light, the display board image contrast is still very good.

First talk about the LCD screen material, its surface looks like a solid black screen, in fact, this layer of the screen manufacturers will add a layer of special coating. The main function of this layer of special coating is to prevent the user in the use of other light source by the reflective and glare, while strengthening the LCD screen itself, the color contrast effect. However, because the manufacturers use this layer of coating materials are not the same, of course, its durability will be different. So the user in the clean, do not arbitrarily with any alkaline solution or chemical solution to wipe the screen surface.

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