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LCD To Achieve The Display Function
Oct 31, 2017

LCD for the people now is a very familiar term. Computers, televisions, mobile phones, as well as the street a lot of large screen is the use of liquid crystal display to achieve the display function.

At the end of the 19th century, chemists found that some solid organic matter did not become directly liquid after heating, but in a certain temperature range between the solid and liquid, and then become high temperature liquid. It is different from the liquid can flow freely, but also different from the regular order of the crystal, it has a structural characteristics between the two.

Because it is also with mobility, and similar to the optical and electrical properties of the crystal, so that this is a liquid crystal, referred to as liquid crystal. There are also views that the material state in addition to the most common solid, liquid,LCD  gas these three states, but also should be added to the two states of liquid crystal and plasma.

Now chemists have found that molecules capable of forming liquid crystal compounds tend to have specific geometries, common to long rod-like molecules with long rod-like structures and polar groups. In a certain temperature range,LCD  the long rod-like molecules of liquid crystals do not flow freely like liquid molecules, but tend to arrange and flow in parallel with each other in the same direction. The positional relationship between the liquid crystal molecules as if a bunch of loose toothpicks, are almost parallel to each other and toward the same direction, but the end is still uneven, unlike the crystal as strict and orderly.

The presence of polar groups in the liquid crystal molecules makes the internal charge appear unevenly distributed, resulting in the liquid crystal molecules become polar. The arrangement state of the liquid crystal molecules is changed by the influence of the applied voltage, and the light is switched between light transmission and light transmission. Liquid crystal display is made using this phenomenon.

The liquid crystal into the two glass of the sandwich, by adding voltage control liquid crystal molecules arranged in the state,LCD  you can output different shapes and shades of the image. Liquid crystal display with a thin structure, low power consumption and low operating voltage advantages,LCD so soon out of the bulky cathode ray tube (CRT) display, as one of the mainstream display.

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