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LCD Writing Tablet Can Completely Replace The Paper Products
Jun 19, 2017

LCD Writing Tablet Speaking of electronic ink screen we may not unfamiliar, the famous painting artifact Kindle on the use of this screen, close to the traditional paper display provides a comfortable reading experience. But only used to read only play the electronic ink screen half of the function, can read to write is fully utilized. Recently Google launched the Tablet PC to achieve a dual function of reading and writing. The design is very simple, is used to replace the notebook, sketch and print documents, it is equipped with a 10.3-inch electronic ink screen, and CANVAS patented technology to achieve ultra-low delay.

LCD Writing Tablet delay is only 55 milliseconds, basically maintained at a very low level, in the use of experience, very close to the ordinary pen and paper, and even show the effect of ordinary pencil on the paper friction. Of course, there is a benefit in writing on this electronic ink screen, that is, environmental protection, the user can completely replace the paper products, and make any changes to the written content, and upload the content to the cloud to save.

In addition, we can also view the document, PPT and textbooks, etc., but left the most impressive or able to use the pen directly in the above writing the characteristics of the painting. And after connecting to the network, users can also cooperate with each other through the way to share and modify the document, improve work efficiency.

Simple and funny writing board,LCD Writing Tablet so that children casually graffiti, just pull the slide, drawing board has become white. Let the baby in this little handwriting board, enjoy his ingenuity, write more pictures to draw more, so that they learn more experience in the fun. Magic brush, what to draw what, good magic. Let the baby while playing while learning to play in the knowledge to love learning, like painting. Easy to wipe as long as the move back and forth will be able to wipe the board painting, and then re-painting. Seals are easy to print triangles and rounds. This is every baby are essential educational toys.

What is the use of LCD electronic writing board?

1. Used as a family message board, family message, family remind each other, counseling children to learn;

2. Children practice writing, remember English words, painting, graffiti;

3. Deaf and mute children daily communication, through the Wordboard to share their own happiness, mind, creativity;

4. Business people business records, decomposition tasks, record work matters and notes the minutes, comments and so on.

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