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OLED Display Can Save Energy
Jul 11, 2017

OLED Display display technology with self-luminous characteristics, the use of very thin organic coating and glass substrate, when there is current through, these organic materials will be light, and OLED Display Display viewing angle, and can save energy from 2003 Year began to display this device in the MP3 player has been applied.

OLED Display to use organic light-emitting materials, the first is a dye and pigment as the material of small molecular device system, and the other to conjugate polymer as the material of the polymer device system. At the same time, because organic electroluminescent devices have the characteristics of light-emitting diode rectification and light emission, small molecule organic electroluminescent devices are also known as OLED Display (Organic Light Emitting Diode), and polymer organic electroluminescent devices are called PLED. Small molecules and polymer OLED Display in the material properties can be said to be different, but the development of existing technology, such as the reliability of the monitor, and electrical characteristics, production stability point of view, small molecule OLED Display in a leading position, The current production of OLED Display components, all the use of small molecules of organic light-emitting materials.


First, OLED Display in the field of head-mounted applications

To video glasses and portable theater as an important carrier of the headset display has been more and more widely used and development. Its advantages in digital soldiers, virtual reality, virtual reality games, 3G and video glasses fusion, ultra-portable multimedia devices and video glasses integration has excellent advantages.

Compared with LCD and LCOS, OLED Display applications in the head of the display has a very big advantage: clear and bright full-color display, ultra-low power consumption, is the development of a headset display a big driving force.

The first to use OLED Display on the video glasses is the United States eMagin. Whether it is for the civilian consumption or industrial applications and even military applications have provided an excellent approach to close application. Subsequently, the use of European ultra-micro OLED Display display video glasses were pushed on the market. In the country, with a strong R & D strength to launch the world's first polymer ultra-micro OLED Display display video glasses; by virtue of its full intellectual property background into the domestic military field for the construction of Chinese digital soldiers out of a force.

Second, OLED Display in the field of MP3 applications

MP3 as a digital Walkman has been in the market increasingly become the protagonist of fashion and entertainment, for its function, capacity, price, etc. have been a wide range of people attention, but also the focus of the eyes of the manufacturers, but for the eyes as MP3 The screen is very few people involved.

In addition to audio and video products, regardless of Flash or HDD type of MP3, most of the use of black and white monochrome LCD panel, just stay in the ability to listen to music on the simple requirements. But now the MP3 in addition to the most basic functions, the more based on the people for the personality, the pursuit of fashion psychology, expression is a concept of life. So in the panel design, there have been colorful backlight design, is often heard "7-color backlight" products. On the basis of further development, has been useful to the regional color OLED Display panel products, there are representative BenQ Joybee180, iRiver N10 and so on.

OLED Display, that is, organic light-emitting display, MP3 screen applications in the field of new rise, known as the "dream display." It does not need a backlight, but "active light". BenQ Joybee180 OLED Display LCD screen, for example, it abandoned the shortcomings of the traditional LCD, each pixel can be self-luminous, no matter what the angle of what can be more than the traditional LCD display more clear picture, and the environment more black Bright, like the night of Ying Ling wizard.

MP3 consumers are mostly young people, in addition to their MP3 in addition to the basic functions, but also with a little bit to show off the color. In the quiet street at night, walking listening to music, watching the OLED Display screen beating blue light, notes beating accompanied by footsteps and mood ups and downs, there will be a different kind of feeling. Or friends gathered in the Party, OLED Display blue flashing sparkling, will allow you to become the protagonist of the party.

In addition to bringing a new visual experience, OLED Display there are many LCD panel can not match the advantages. For example, you can make MP3 lighter and thinner, larger viewing angle, and can significantly save power. But the application of OLED Display but also with the overall design of MP3 in order to show its charm. Has been listed BenQ Joybee180 can be said that the application of the LCD screen and the overall design of a combination of models. Joybee180 stylish, simple, generous, the whole machine was square, looks like a delicate small bag, the essence of some like a beautiful and beautiful watch. Moreover, the use of popular elements of the strap to replace the traditional way to wear, provide a series of different panels, according to the different clothing to replace, change the past with the immutable plan, show your fashion mix, show your unique mood.

OLED Display applications on MP3 products not only increased the beauty of the product beauty, but also for the expression of graphic information icing on the cake, will undoubtedly become the mainstream MP3 display panel.

Third, the potential application

The main advantage of OLED Display technology is active light. Red, green, blue OLED Display can be obtained. In the past few years, researchers have been committed to the development of OLED Display from backlight, low-capacity display to high-capacity display applications. In the following, the potential applications of OLED Displays will be discussed and compared with other display technologies.

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