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OLED Display Low Energy Consumption, Thinner And Flexible
Aug 09, 2017

After several years of technological development, OLED Display  has now become the industry's new focus of chasing (OLED Display  technology and traditional LCD display different, no backlight, using a very thin organic coating and glass substrate, when there is current Through, these organic materials will automatically light).

In this regard, analysts said, OLED Display is the next generation of mainstream display technology, OLED Display has many advantages, including high brightness, high contrast, high color gamut range and viewing angle, low power consumption, thinner and flexible features. With the OLED Display technology continues to mature, excellent rate and capacity to enhance the application of the scene will be greatly expanded, including smart phones, intelligent hardware, VR, lighting and other fields will be the application focus.

People's pursuit of the display device has never stopped, from the previous CRT to the later LCD display, plasma, and then to the OLED Display, which is a continuous evolutionary process. CRT display principle is to use the ray bombardment of the phosphor on the display to achieve the purpose of the display, LCD is the use of backlight, in front of the backlight with a liquid crystal layer to block the backlight, the formation of different brightness lattice, combined with color filters, To achieve color display, the plasma is equivalent to a small light bulb, through the current to stimulate the light, and OLED Display is a small luminescent material, by the current to stimulate the light.

Simply show from the display, CRT, plasma, OLED Display are self-luminous display technology, and LCD is by the LCD layer to block the backlight layer to achieve the display technology. This LCD display is theoretically relatively poor. Because the LCD to block the backlight, and the backlight can not be all blocked, so that the real contrast LCD display on the up, only through the dynamic contrast to do compensation.

Early, OLED Display is mainly due to the life problem, because the OLED Display to take the initiative to light, rely on luminescence materials to stimulate the current to light, and luminescent material life is not long, after a period of time, the brightness will decline. And worse, OLED Display needs red, blue, green three kinds of light-emitting materials, the aging of the three materials is different, this result is used for some time later, the attenuation of fast material brightness decline, the screen will produce Find composition Results The composition composition outcome In order to extend the life of OLED Display, manufacturers will adjust the color tone of the screen, the previous Samsung mobile phone screen green, not Samsung do not know how to adjust the color. But in order to extend the life of the screen deliberately adjusted to this color.

Now, with the material progress, this problem has improved. The main problem becomes the cost. OLED Display organic film-forming technology is OLED Display-specific core technology, because OLED Display devices in the thickness of organic thin film is very thin, generally equivalent to about one percent of the diameter of the hair, the thickness of the electron injection layer even less than 20 angstroms Nm), and the sub-pixel film is extremely fine and has a length and width of about several tens of micrometers. To produce a very uniform multi-layer thin and can not have a pinhole fine organic film is a high-end precision manufacturing technology, the cost is difficult to come down.

In addition, due to the presence of water vapor and oxygen in the presence of organic materials, irreversible photo-oxidation reaction occurs. Water and oxygen have a strong effect on the electrode materials such as aluminum or magnesium silver. Therefore, the OLED Display device encapsulates water and oxygen Rate has a very high demand. So the device packaging technology is OLED Display is different from other display technology is another key technology, the cost is also high. So, the end result is the OLED Display display price is higher than the LCD a lot, in the small size of the phone screen is not obvious. But to television this large-size screen, OLED Display prices will be LCD several times. Popularity is very difficult.

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