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OLED Display Low Energy Consumption, Thinner And Flexible
Sep 29, 2017

OLED Display is the next generation of mainstream display technology, OLED Display has many advantages, including high brightness, high contrast, high color gamut and viewing angle, low power consumption, thinner and flexible features. With OLED Display technology from the maturity, yield and capacity to enhance the application of the scene will be greatly expanded, including smart phones, intelligent hardware, VR, lighting and other fields will be the application focus. OLED Display display and lighting market space is broad, the whole industry chain is expected to rapid development.

Technically, OLED Display display technology is the application of electroluminescent technology, that is, after the organic material power after the light. Since the discovery of the late 1970s, OLED Display technology after laboratory research and development and the gradual commercialization of the promotion, the current technology has become mature, and gradually applied to smart phones, TV, smart watches, VR and other displays. At present the mainstream of OLED Display technology is mainly OLED Display and small molecule OLED Display technology.

The traditional LCD display technology needs to rely on the backlight module to provide light source, and the need for LCD, polarizer, filter to achieve light and shade, image color control, and OLED Display is the organic material after the direct light, not dependent on the external light source. Due to the fundamental differences between the principle and structure, OLED Display relative LCD technology with light, energy saving, flexibility and other inherent advantages, and with the development of technology, the original cost and life of the disadvantages are gradually resolved. OLED Display advantage is more prominent, short board to be filled, the future is expected to gradually replace the original LCD display technology.

OLED Display display is the use of organic electroluminescent diode made of the display. Because of the self-luminous organic electroluminescent diode, no backlight, high contrast, thin thickness, wide viewing angle, fast response, can be used for flexible panel, the use of a wide temperature range, construction and process is relatively simple and excellent features , Is considered the next generation of flat-panel display emerging application technology.

OLED Display for the self-luminous materials, do not need to use the backlight, while wide viewing angle, uniform quality, fast response, easier color, with a simple drive circuit can be achieved light, the process is simple, can be made into a flexible panel, In line with the principle of light and thin, the scope of application is small and medium size panels.

Display: active light, viewing range; fast response, image stability; high brightness, rich colors, high resolution.

Working conditions: low drive voltage, low energy consumption, with solar cells, integrated circuits to match.

Wide adaptability: the use of glass substrate can be achieved large area flat display; such as flexible materials to do the substrate, can be made into a folding display. Because OLED Display is all solid, non-vacuum devices, with anti-shock, low temperature (-40 ℃) and other characteristics, in the military also has a very important application, such as tanks, aircraft and other modern weapons display terminal.

In the commercial field OLED Display display can be applied to POS machines and ATM machines, copiers, game consoles; in the field of communications can be applied to mobile phones, mobile network terminals and other fields; in the computer field can be a lot of applications in the PDA, commercial PC and home PC, notebook computers; consumer electronics products, can be applied to audio equipment, digital cameras, portable DVD; in industrial applications are suitable for instrumentation; in the field of transportation is used in GPS, aircraft and other instruments.

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