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OLED Display Protection Of Production Processes
May 26, 2017

A friend repeatedly mentioned how to install OLED Display? Today, with the form of graphic and everyone to understand the installation of OLED Display.

1, the first cut a good profile splicing, that is, assembled the display frame. General profiles on the market are not square, round, but the assembly method is the same.

2, the outer frame assembly is completed, the P10 unit board placed in the framework (note the front and back of the frame, slotted side is positive), this time to install the back of the position is quite accurate, to avoid the wrong one All the trouble.

In recent years, OLED Display rapid development, full color OLED Display and le electronic display products, the popularity of the application areas greatly enhance the development of all walks of life, especially today we said full color OLED Display Applications. We all know that the role of eating milk OLED Display is mainly used for advertising publicity, but also one of the main media dissemination of information, so full-color OLED Display clarity is very necessary, then what will affect To the clarity of the OLED Display?

    1. Point spacing, if you can effectively narrow the lead point of the display screen, you can greatly improve the visibility of the OLED Display, of course, its cost is also very large investment, so the production of this point spacing relatively small OLED Display The price is also very engaged, but now the OLED Display market is developing in this area.

    2. Contrast, contrast can be said to affect the clarity of the key display screen factors, in general, the higher the level of contrast and clarity is proportional to the level of the display will be very bright colors.

    3. Grayscale, readback level generally refers to the full color OLED Display single color brightness from the darkest to the brightest between the brightness of the series can be different, full color OLED Display the higher the gray level, the more color Rich, the more colorful color; the other hand, showing a single color, change simple. Improve the gray level, can greatly enhance the color depth, making the image color display level increased the number of geometric.

Standard outdoor LED full color display blue output. Because the brightness is based on the characteristics of human eye perception characteristics, the human eye on different wavelengths of light perception is different, so only the brightness can not accurately reflect the strength of light, and the amount of radiation as a visible light safety energy indicators, more accurately reflect The dose of light on the eye. Should measure the value of the device with the irradiance, rather than the brightness of the eye to the blue light feeling, as the interpretation of the blue light output intensity will cause damage to the basis of the eye basis. Outdoor OLED Display manufacturers and users should meet the display conditions, reduce the OLED Display Blu-ray output components.

Specification LED full color display of light distribution and direction. Users should try to consider the LED electronic display of the light distribution of rationality, within the viewing angle range of LED output light energy in all directions evenly distributed, to avoid small angle LED direct light eye. At the same time, should be limited to LED light irradiation direction and scope, reduce the OLED Display on the surrounding environment pollution.

Regulate the output frequency of full color screen. OLED Display manufacturers should be in strict accordance with the requirements of the design requirements of the display screen, display screen output frequency to meet the specification requirements, to avoid the screen flicker to bring discomfort to the viewer.

Explain safety measures in the manual. OLED Display manufacturers should be in the OLED Display user manuals indicate the use of precautions, indicating the correct way to adjust the full color brightness, and a long time look directly at the OLED Display on the human eye may cause harm. When the brightness automatically adjust the device failure, should take the manual adjustment mode or turn off the OLED Display. When in the dark environment encountered glare of the OLED Display, the self-protection measures should be, do not look at the LED electronic display for a long time or carefully identify the LED electronic display on the screen details, try to avoid the LED after focusing on the eye The formation of bright spots, burns the retina.

LED full color display design, the production process to take protective measures. Design, production staff will be more frequent than the user contact OLED Display. In the design, the production process needs to test the LED overload operation. Therefore, the design, production staff with easy exposure to LED light, but also should pay attention to and take a special OLED Display design, the production process of protective measures. In the outdoor high-brightness OLED Display production and testing process, the relevant staff should wear a brightness attenuation of 4-8 times the black sunglasses, can watch the OLED Display details. In the indoor OLED Display production and testing process, the relevant staff to wear a brightness of 2-4 times the black sunglasses. Especially in the dark environment on the OLED Display to test the staff, but also pay attention to safety protection, you must wear black sunglasses before they can look directly.

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