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OLED Display Wide Angle Of View, Fast Response
Jun 19, 2017

Recently with the OLED screen TV sales and prototype replacement, there have been a large number of OLED LCD machine without packaging bags, screen and foam friction, making the machine screen appears oil-like coating wear. Affect the overall appearance of the machine and sales, so you need to return to my maintenance workshop for the corresponding treatment.


Special polishing machine or hand drill can be, polished sponge and small cloth, polished wax.

TV stands or flat can be, the best flat. The TV on the left - right three sides of the glass edge and the front shell with the US profile paper sticky up, the bottom of the glass edge with the US profile paper and plastic film sticky, because the polishing need to use water, can not let the water into the screen. Because the screen can not be partially polished; local polishing will appear color, so to throw the whole screen. The polishing machine can be transferred to the low speed slowly grinding evenly, good wax must add water, grinding can not be a place to polish too long, because the grinding time is too long will make the screen overheating and damage the screen body. The screen will be polished for a while to see where the bad screen and then from the new local polished until the polished color can be consistent. Wipe the edge of the United States after the paper and film removed. This time will find the edge and the screen color is inconsistent, and this need to use a small wipes dip polished wax, the edge of the screen can be rubbed into the same color. Then do a good job cleaning work is completed.

OLED display because of the same time with self-luminous, no backlight, high contrast, thin thickness, wide viewing angle, fast response, can be used for flexible panels, the use of a wide temperature range, the structure and the process is relatively simple and so on the characteristics of Currently highly sought after products.

In fact, OLED screen has entered the reality, and get commercial applications. There are mobile phone giant launched OLED surface screen mobile phone, harvest a lot of fans, to obtain a good market response. There are TV giants launched OLED screen TV, better quality, leading the high-end color TV market.

Recently, the flexible OLED display has also entered the field of vision, recently from the Korea Science and Technology Agency (KAIST) and material technology company Kolon Glotech composed of research team in the flexible OLED display made a breakthrough, they developed a Kind of "new" can wear clothes on the body of the OLED display.

Previously, flexible OLED technology had the drawback that the display was susceptible to wear, but KAIST and Kolon Glotech's research team found a solution to the problem. They developed a new technology, OLED screen is attached to a similar glass above the material, so that it has maintained its fabric-like flexibility, and not easy to deformation, thus solving the flexible OLED display durability issues The

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