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On The Design Of PCB Multilayer
Dec 29, 2016

Multilayer PCB and dual plate design is basically the same
As long as there is double-layer board design experience, multilayer is not difficult.
First, you have to divide layer structure, in order to easily design, it is best to base plates for the Centre, laterally symmetric distribution, electrical formation isolation between adjacent signal layers.
Layer structure (4, 6, 8, 16):
On transmission line top bottom using microstrip line modelling, use stripline model internal signals. 6/10/14/18-storey signal on both sides of the substrate layer is best to use software, easy.
6/10/14/18-storey base-plate is layers, without electric isolation, the need for attention to adjacent vertical line and avoid communicating loops.
Assuming there were other power supply, priority signal layer thick line, try not to split formation.
Second, the manufacturer parameters of interrogation (permittivity, line width, thickness, thickness) to suspension of impedance matching. These parameters do not have their own calculations (also useless, manufacturers may not be able to do it), should be provided by the manufacturer. With these parameters, you can calculate the line width, line spacing (3W), the line is long, then you can start drawing board.
Multilayer buried blind hole, hole, holes three, you can easily routed, but expensive. Sometimes demand reduced thickness in order to insert a PCI slot, and dielectric material does not meet the pleading (unless imported), you can work around the use of non-uniform, for example: 14, edge 2-layer to deal with, well, expensive.
High-speed line in the best floor ground floor vulnerable to effects of ambient temperature, humidity, air, not stability. Assume that needs testing, you can test through-hole led. There should no longer fly line, secant of fantasy, MLB has does not need "hands on skills", due to the line but high frequency, can't fly, cannot drill line is key. Habits form on paper and make it a success, or destroyed, the eyes see, the heart does not grieve over.
Formation of four corner arc wiring, the Board may also make an oval. Strata than the power of the large area (20H).
Rest and double-layer plate, electromagnetic compatibility, initial end terminal impedance matching, clock synchronization, and so on, these books, everywhere

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