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PCB Copy Board Companies Keep Up With Market Trends For PCB Hsue
Dec 29, 2016

PCB, printed circuit board, and is an important electronic components and support of electronic components and electronic components electrical connection carriers, core electronic technology products often depend on a small circuit board. Today, the rapid development of science, various kinds of electronic devices abound, PCB circuit boards as a basis for the whole industry chain components, ongoing reform must also be upgraded. PCB copy Board company with the circuit board industry stem from, you must accurately grasp the distribution of PCB industry in China, and focus on circuit board market trends at home and abroad, to seize the opportunity and lead the market.
Geographical distribution of circuit board industry in China
The Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta because of the PCB circuit board and IT is the birthplace of, and benefit from regional, human resources and unique advantages in terms of economic conditions, more developed electronic technology products. PCB low-end products in recent years gradually shifting to the other parts of the Mainland, PCB copy Board company is also ubiquitous, but high-end products and high value-added products are still concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta region. Future domestic PCB industry is may formed to beads triangle, and long triangle as high-end PCB manufacturing and equipment, and material of development base; to Yangtze River coast including Chongqing, and Sichuan, and Hubei, and Anhui, has world 500 strong electronic Enterprise for leading of two hours economic industry with; to North Dalian for leading of ring Bohai Bay economic circle; and Hong Kong beads o bridge opened Hou of Guangdong Northwest processing district of industry pattern.
PCB copy Board market trends
From PCB layers and direction, the PCB industry is divided into single-sided, double-sided, conventional multilayer, flexible boards, HDI (high density interconnection) sheets, 6 major product segments such as package substrate. From the product life cycle "start-up period-long-maturity-a recession" 4 cycles, such as dimensions, single panel, double panel because they do not fit the current short thin application trends of electronic products, is in recession, its output gradually decreased, and single-sided copying, number of double-sided copying also reduced. In addition, the General multilayer PCB and HDI are mature products, process capabilities become more sophisticated, high value-added products, is currently the main PCB factory full main direction, PCB copy Board company to the object of study. Flexible sheets especially high density FPC and rigid, because the technology is not yet mature, failing to achieve a large number of manufacturers for mass production, belongs to a growing product, but because of its better adapted than rigid characteristics of digital products, FPC's growth is very high, is that the future direction of the companies.
From a global perspective, PCB production enterprises are mainly distributed in mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea, North America and Europe, in six regions. Global PCB industry are scattered, producers large market leaders has not yet emerged. Because the PCB circuit boards, development of product structure of multi-layered, high precision, PCB copy Board also should offer, in multilayer PCB copy Board, high precision PCB copy Board efforts to carry out research, to adapt to the highly sophisticated cloning and development of electronic products, market opportunities, enhance competitiveness, consolidation of the industry position.

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