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PCB Copy Board Design And How To Deal With The Challenges Of Intelligent Time
Dec 29, 2016

In two sessions under the influence of policy support for entrepreneurship, innovation, local electronic industry to accelerate the transformation and era of intelligent open. In this era of great intelligence, PCB copy board design technology for upgrading is essential. With intelligent phone, and flat computer market of expanded, portable terminal debut, emerging market car, and medical, and access equipment, of development, products wants to achieved more thin more light, wants to improve communications speed, wants to while achieved various communications, wants to achieved long time of battery drive, also to fast Yu competition opponents will products input market, these are need on PCB copy Board, and design and manufacturing proposed more high of requirements, to should intelligent times thousand variable of challenge.

Smart PCB copy board designed the new requirements of the times
Coming Smart era, not only brought convenience to the lives of ordinary people, have had a profound impact on the industry. In order to make PCB with high reliability, bound to the PCB copy board design put forward higher requirements. Devices such as intelligent product quality requirements, density heat dissipation requirements, requirements for ubiquitous Internet communications, for flexible and intelligent production equipment requirements, the demand for intelligent machinery, complex environmental requirements, and so on. These factors should be taken into consideration in PCB copy board design, professional PCB copy Board also need to continuously improve the precision PCB copy Board, flexible PCB copy Board, EMC design, SI high speed design and other technical services.

Intelligent times role PCB copy board software
PCB copy board software in the design of intelligent product copy Board's role be? Reverse tool to extract the PCB file? Is a container-inverse schematics? Product list of BOM management system? PCB copy board software in the ever-changing technological innovations, and how it will comply with the trend of the times to help a new generation of intelligent products copy board design? "From 2D design to 3DPCB design, from a simple double-sided copying, high-density multilayer PCB copy Board ... These simple changes, are not entirely representative of PCB copy board design in the future.

PCB copy board design smart times DRC checks
Good PCB copy Board started full DRC checks in the territory tool. Today's smart PCB design in the age of more and more complex, DRC checks are more complex, and layout designers and copy Board engineers, there is often a huge divide between, they have different design expertise, using different tools, the use of different units of measure, and ERC/SRC (electrical rule/simulation rules) check fill the barrier between the two.

In short, smart era, PCB design complexity and continuously improve, simple PCB copy Board copy clone has been difficult to meet design requirements, PCB copy Board reverse trends in research has become the one-stop service system, PCB copy Board should be into the whole industrial chain, close to customer demand, all customization services

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