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PCB Copy Board ‘micro-innovations’ For ‘big Leap’
Dec 29, 2016

"Innovation is, don't innovate die. "This sentence which many companies see as the truth, that innovation is the fundamental business survival and development of the road. Especially in the "proliferation of fake products varies greatly" today, innovation is the only way to break the homogenization of industry development. But the technology is growing so fast, innovative easy, but hard to do. "Micro-innovation" concept brought about by the rise of a new dawn, PCB copy Board company that 90% copy and 10% innovation, can also make the product stand out, innovation of micro-pattern ground forward, will end for the leaping development of enterprise.

PCB copy Board, literally, is misunderstood by many "shanzhai" or synonyms of imitation, but in the practice of copying, the implications are much more than that. PCB copy Board not only contains exquisite of reverse engineering technology, and also involved PCB modified Board, and PCB design and hardware and software of development, it through reverse technology means, master original electronic products or circuit board of performance and the role, to for technology development who for two times innovation, that in has some function Shang according to actual needs for template of cut and circuit of again layout, then design out more excellent of new products. The second development is the process of "micro-innovation" the best interpretation.

Have different levels of innovation, in varying degrees. Sky, earth shattering innovation, after all, is one of the few, you may need to go through a long period of silence to be a subversive outbreak. Micro innovations may not require high investment, long-term development, bursting onto the scene, and more easily spread, which is to improve lives, improve the efficiency of the unit an important force to be reckoned with. Investors said Silicon Valley, saw a product to see if it has no good micro innovation. This increasingly entrepreneurial atmosphere today, is also an inspiration: to value the micro innovation, innovation cannot be immediately went on the cloud, but needs down-to-Earth small change from the start.

Today, many large core components in electronic equipment and the need to import, in the case of independent innovation also has a long, adhere to the PCB copy Board micro-innovation way, will become the rapid progress of technology to domestic equipment.

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