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PCB Copy Board To Accelerate The Global Transfer Of Production To The Mainland
Dec 29, 2016

PCB copy Board originated from the 80 's of last century, when Western capitalist countries the development of advanced technology and a technical monopoly, malicious raise product prices. PCB copy Board was reverse research and imitation of the monopoly of foreign products, and digestion and absorption of its technical reference for our other product design, shortening the development cycle and reduce the cost of product development, which laid the Foundation for global capacity to speed up transfers to the Mainland.
Yiqian high-end technology technology only master in abroad minority enterprise of hands, since has has PCB copy Board technology, domestic many small and medium enterprise are can with PCB copy Board fast master abroad most excellent of electronic circuit design programme, and will original products of PCB file, and BOM material listing, and SCH principle figure file, technology file and PCB silk printing production file for 1:1 of restore, then for PCBA clone and electronic products of full copy. This not only broke the foreign technical barriers, and secondary development of grasp scale production at home after the independent intellectual property rights, improving the continent's share of global capacity.
Currently city of PCB industry environment and past of Taiwan is similar, and human cost relative for still in more low, according to currently of observation, Europe day, national and area still will retained high-end PCB capacity, and other consumption class electronic products PCB capacity and investment scale has further reduced signs, City whole PCB copy board industry still in growth period, will not only benefit Yu domestic demand of PCB copy Board in the low-end manufacturing, more will benefit Yu large imports high-end equipment of localization.

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