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PCB Copy Board-whether Excluded
Dec 29, 2016

Some people say
PCB copy Board = theft; unlike the ordinary theft is stealing property, and copying is theft of intellectual property rights, which was despised and rejected.
Said very well, indeed, PCB copy Board (Chinese name PCB copy Board)
In a certain sense, it is theft and violation of intellectual property rights of others.
Stealing someone else's work, is a shame, which was despised and rejected. We should respect the intellectual property rights of others.
But on the other hand, development of PCB copy Board also promoted the development of China's electronic industry and technology. Social
Necessary for the exhibition.
Hundreds of science and technology in foreign countries, only China catching up with a 30-year period. This is why,
If resorting to the people one step at a time to explore, you think it may be, there is no doubt that this is impossible. But this is the
Why China is how to do it. I personally think that many of them violations of other intellectual property rights, but violations of process
Subtle is not easy to discover. He was in the West on the basis of available scientific, added a bit of their ideas, other people's property,
Changes in disguise for their intellectual property.
With the development of society, the introduction of relevant national laws and, in some ways to curb the development of PCB copy Board.
National law expressly provides that PCB copy Board within the scope of reverse engineering, since the whole concept was born,
It has been under widespread controversy, the reverse engineering method in development of IC industry plays an important
The role of manufacturers around the world are using this approach to understanding the development of other products, if is strictly prohibited
Act will have an impact on advances in integrated circuit technology, so under certain conditions, national legislation
See this as an exception to infringement. To the layout-design, analysis and evaluation of teaching concepts, techniques, or
Figure used in the design of circuits and logical structure, components, configurations and copied layout-design as well as on the basis of this analysis
Evaluation result to the original layout-design, and manufacturing of integrated circuits, shall not be regarded as infringing
However, simply to operate for the purpose of sale and reproduce the protected layout-design and production of integrated circuits,
As an act of infringement.

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