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Sensor Automatic Detection, Alarm
Jul 11, 2017

Early sensor are mainly shipped in a large number of security series, for the security field, the "preventive measures" is still the most important, through the sensor in the control of each node, is conducive to early detection of dangerous and reaction mechanism.

Tilt sensor

Inclined sensor in a wide range of modern security applications, as a security component, tilt sensor can be detected automatically in the event of abnormal, issued an alarm, so as not to further expand the danger.

In the wisdom of the covers, the use of travel switch or tilt sensor cover was stolen, the system will immediately send out the alarm information, managers only need to open the phone, you can in real time on the electronic map covers the specific location and abnormal state, the first time Arrange the engineering staff to view, repair.

CMOS image sensor

With the increasing use of network cameras, CMOS image sensor will be in the high-definition monitoring in a large area of popularity, coupled with CMOS image sensor R & D and production of more difficult and other reasons, have proved the CMOS image sensor market space and profit huge.

In the field of enhanced reality, virtual reality, optical sensor technology has been a lot of new applications, and to promote the AR / VR technology and equipment upgrades.

Radar sensor

With the rise of the wisdom of the city, traffic radar, 2D / 3D multi-target tracking radar has gradually become popular. In traffic engineering, speed is one of the most important data to assess traffic conditions. Radar sensor are the key technology for equipment upgrades.

The radar sensor is mounted on the street and the walls of the building, and the information obtained from these locations can accurately infer which areas also have parking spaces.

With the advent of the new technological revolution, the world began to enter the era of information intelligence. In the process of using information, the first thing to be solved is to obtain accurate and reliable information, and the sensor is to obtain the natural and production areas of information in the main ways and means, its role can not be underestimated.

For the security industry, the early informed of dangerous information and timely response is essential, and the integration of intelligent sensor applications, will help accelerate the development of intelligent security process, build a sound safe city.

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