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Sensor Building A Smart City
Aug 09, 2017

Sensor In the global wisdom of the city under the tide of construction, how to implement the layout to build into a smart city, the wisdom of the city? One of the most important points is the layout of a large number of data collection equipment in the city, that is, more sensors,Sensor so as to meet the needs of intelligent city construction. However, the construction of smart city, not blindly place more sensors, collect more data, but to break the information island, the information resources to re-integration.

Before the advent of the Internet of Things, the various parts of the city, such as medical information, traffic information, environmental information, housing information and other departments of the information is isolated from each other, was chimney-like, did not form a share. The advent of the Internet of Things,Sensor making it possible to build a smart city. At the same time, to build a smart city, the city must be part of the information to re-integration of relevant information to achieve sharing.

From this point of view, the construction of intelligent city first to break the "information island" to achieve information sharing, unified management, so that the data really serve the managers. In particular, we must emphasize to break the industry segmentation, closed information technology structure, focusing on highlighting the overall effectiveness of information technology. Do not break the interests of the sector, even put more sensors, still can not solve the problem of information sharing. To the United States San Francisco intelligent parking system, for example, the Government through the sharing of all the parking spaces in the city information,Sensor re-parking spaces for pricing, the implementation of flexible charges, and the city's parking spaces made APP software, so that people download the phone. For the driver, download the software, you can find the location of the parking spaces around and understand the billing information. At the same time,Sensor the construction of smart cities should also start from the top design, the Government should be appropriate to disclose some non-privacy information, so that the public to share.

At present, the construction of the wisdom of the city for the development of the city can bring a very broad prospects. At the technical level, the wisdom of the city and large data technology are closely related. Play cloud computing intensive, virtualization, service, green advantage,Sensor the establishment of intelligent city cloud computing center, is to adapt to the current large data development requirements of the times. Compared with the big data, the wisdom of the city's biggest difference lies in the "sensor" and "control system."

In the already built smart city, all over the temperature sensor, fire sensor, traffic camera, etc. is the entire city-wide sensor, belonging to the scope of basic public facilities, but also the wisdom of the city during the construction of the government needs to do one of the work. Intelligent city is also essential to the "control system", "control system" is more like the wisdom of the city's "limbs", Sensorthe implementing agencies, such as traffic lights, urban thermal pipeline valves.

It is reported that in the global smart city construction process, not only to solve the challenges of urban development and opportunities, from the implementation point of view, to build a smart city, to promote the city's large-scale information technology is imperative. Therefore, in promoting the city construction, we must first seize the development of the characteristics and opportunities of the region,Sensor the wisdom of the city to differentiate the rise, and truly enhance the city's competitiveness, attractiveness and driving force. For enterprises, the wisdom of the city's construction contains a huge business opportunities, is likely to become the industry's next growth point.

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