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Sensor Security Function
Jul 19, 2017

Early Sensor are mainly shipped in the security series, providing alarm function, with the increase in the number of home appliances, electrical products, the number of Sensor increased in the home automation trigger source function, and home appliances, electrical products linkage become mainstream. But for the security field, the "preventive measures" is still the most important, through the sensor in the control of each node, is conducive to early detection of dangerous and response mechanism.

Inclined sensor in a wide range of modern security applications, as a security component, tilt sensor can be detected automatically in the event of abnormal, issued an alarm, so as not to further expand the danger. The tilt sensor is mainly used to detect the level of the system. The biaxial tilt sensor can simultaneously measure the level of the two directions, so it can be used to detect the level of the whole measured surface. In July 2016 occurred in Shanghai Joy City Ferris wheel pod tilt, swing phenomenon, is due to the tilt sensor failure, resulting in pod tilted in one direction, triggering the pod security function.

In modern security, the tilt sensor used in UAV and intelligent covers. In the UAV, the tilt sensor integrates the gyroscope and the accelerometer to provide data for the flight control system to maintain horizontal flight. This type of sensor and gyroscope combined with the accelerometer can measure subtle movement changes so that the tilt sensor can be applied to the movement Procedures, such as car or unmanned aircraft gyroscope compensation.

In the wisdom of the cover, the use of travel switch or tilt sensor cover was stolen, the system will immediately send out the alarm information, managers only need to open the phone, you can on the electronic map real-time view of the specific location of the covers and abnormal state, the first time Arrange the engineering staff to view, repair.

Sensor are like human sensory organs, which are the medium of robot perception of the world. The perception of the robot's perception of the external environment is transmitted by the sensor, such as vision, force, touch, smell, taste and so on.

And the sensor can also be used to detect the working state of the robot itself, as well as the robot intelligent detection of external work environment and object status, according to a certain law into a usable output signal of a device. In the robot body structure will be installed with a variety of Sensor, will bring them a higher sensitivity.

So, let's imagine: how big is the loss of the sensor?

The robot sensor can be divided into internal sensor and external sensor according to the detection object.

The internal Sensor are mainly used to detect the position of the internal system of the robot, such as the position, speed, acceleration temperature, motor speed, motor load, battery voltage, etc. of the joints, and send the measured information as feedback to the controller Closed-loop control.

The external sensor is used to obtain information about the robot and the external environment and other aspects of information, is the robot and the surrounding work of the information channel, used to perform visual, close to the sense of touch, force and other Sensor, such as distance measurement, sound , Light and so on.

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