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Sensor Widely Used In All Areas Of Production Practice
Oct 31, 2017

Sensor, the use of various physical properties of the material with the temperature changes in the law of the temperature into the available output signal. Sensor is the core of temperature measurement instruments, a wide variety. According to the measurement method can be divided into contact and non-contact two categories, according to the sensor material and electronic components are divided into two types of thermal resistance and thermocouple. Modern Sensor shape is very small, so that it is more widely used in all areas of production practice, but also for our lives to provide countless convenience and functionality.

Although the Sensor classification is quite large, but the general principle is the induction temperature changes, so that sensitive components (such as: thermistor, thermocouple, etc.) changes in the resistance, so in the circuit, the output voltage changes) The Then the thermocouple sensor, for example, a specific introduction.

Two different components of the conductor (known as thermocouple wire or hot electrode) at both ends of the circuit into the circuit, when the two junctions of the temperature is different, the circuit will produce electromotive force, this phenomenon is called thermoelectric effect, and This electromotive force is called thermoelectric potential. Thermocouple is the use of this principle for temperature measurement, which is used directly as the temperature of the measurement medium is called the working end (also known as the measurement side), the other end is called the cold end (also known as the compensation side); cold end and display Instrument or supporting instrument connection, the display instrument will point out the thermocouple generated thermoelectric potential.

Water immersion sensor is based on the principle of liquid conductivity, with the electrode to detect the presence of water, and then converted into a dry sensor sensor output. Based on the principle of liquid conductivity, with the electrode to detect whether there is water, and then converted into a dry sensor sensor output, with two output states: normally open and normally closed.

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